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Private Sessions are designed to facilitate three things:

  • Alignment of the physical/personality levels with the Divine (or Soul) level in the way that is most appropriate to allow the physical its most joyous expression in every moment. 
  • Speaking directly to your Spiritual Guides, Soul and Guardian Angels.
  • Speaking to those who have crossed over to the other side. 

This is accomplished by providing both verbal and energetic information. 

As a medium, Joy can speak directly to your Soul, Guides and Angels so they can provide you with Guidance regarding literally anything that is going on in your life.  They can help you get from wherever you are in your life to wherever you would like to be.  Speaking with your loved ones on the other side can be a very healing process and provide profound release of old pent up feelings.  Also as a medium, Joy can come into resonance with the frequency of energy your Guides/Soul are desiring to provide you to help move you to your next level.  This makes the reception of that energy by you much more easily integrated. 

The energy work has come to be called HeartSong because when all of your energy is aligned with your Soul in the moment, that alignment creates a frequency or resonance that can be heard as a sound and that sound is the song of your Heart - your Heart's Song.  We are all energy vibrating at the frequencies we pay the most attention to. 

HeartSong is a very powerful form of energy work because we all have patterns of thinking and vibration that do not serve us well any more.  This work helps release those old patterns and lays in an imprint (or blueprint) of the next level.  It allows the alignment to take place at the level that is most appropriate at that particular time according to the Soul of the Being who is being worked with.  Your Guides/Soul talk to you about the thoughts and patterns that hold you in places that now feel uncomfortable and help you realize what to replace them with so you can once again feel more comfortable in your life.  Literally anything in your life including physical body symptoms, mental issues, emotional upset, things in your life, and many, many more things are caused by the distortions in thoughts and feelings which are all energy frequencies.  Align the frequencies, and the effects of those frequencies must change to match the new vibrations you are putting off.

Joy Turner is both gifted and masterful as a medium and in working with HeartSong.  These sessions can be provided either in person or over the phone.  They can assist you in experiencing a more profound sense of Self and works equally well with humans and animals.

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