1. There is a lot of talk, and a good amount of fear or even panic regarding the things happening in Japan and how those things will affect us and our animal companions - especially those who live outside.  Fear is one perspective to come from about anything.  However, there is a different perspective that I use and both feels better to me and creates a world I find pleasurable.

    That perspective is that every experience we have in the physical world is in alignment with our predominant vibrational rate.  That means are you in fear about something - that sends out a negative vibrational rate into the Universe?  Or, are you knowing that at your core and everybody else's is well-being?  When you come into alignment with this perspective, your vibrational rate moves to one that feels good to you and sends out a positive vibrational rate into the Universe. 

    This may all sound pretty airy-fairy.  However, let me assure you that there is one primary law in the Universe - the Law of Attraction.  What this law says is that which is like unto itself is drawn.  What that means is if you are putting out negative vibrational rates, you will draw to you things that you will feel as negative.  And, if you are putting out positive vibrational rates, you will draw to you things that you will feel good with.  And, this works every time without fail, absolutely.  It doesn't matter what topic is being discussed.  It is always true.  That is why some people can go down the very same street as someone else and one has a terrible experience and one has a wonderful one.  It's why many people can experience the same event and provide many different views of that experience. 

    What does all this have to do with radiation from Japan?  Everything!  If there is fear about that coming into your life or that of your animal companions, there is a much better possibility of having a negative experience in relationship to the radiation.  If there is a calm knowing that your core and the core of your animal companions is well-being and nothing physical can change that, then your experience and theirs will be one in which there is no affect on the body in any way.  And, yes, you can influence the perspective and, therefore, the experience of your animal companions. 

    Even if you don't believe any of this, try it!  Try it and see how much it works.  Then you can believe it.  And, once you have a belief about anything, the next thing that happens is that you move into knowing of it and then it absolutely must be so in your experience.

    Love to you and yours,


  2. Do you know how sometimes things just seem to go more wrong than you could ever think about?  And, yet, either as you go through the event or after you are through it, there have been many blessings and you feel so much better than you could have imagined when thinking about that particular subject?  Well, I just came through that - my "worst nightmare" with my computer. 

    I have always said that I am not very computer literate.  To my mind, that meant that I knew nothing about computers and was always terrified that something would happen that would keep me from being able to access ALL of my business stuff!  EEEEEEEK!  Or, at least, that's what kept going through my mind. 

    This event started out with a very small glitch in my webmail.  Having Dell tech support - thank heaven - I contacted them and we started to fix the situation.  Well, as we fixed, things got more and more involving of more of my computer until, after about 4 days, it would do an emergency shutdown every few minutes.  And, when we tried to back up my information, the backup function would not work so we had to do it manually.  The tech asked me "where do you store your work?"  There was an indefinite blank in my mind until I finally answered by hitting the save.  He said, "yes, but where do you save it to?"  Another blank space in my mind.  My response - wherever the computer puts it.  Big help!  So, we kind of assumed (yes I do know what that means) that we had everything except for some videos and pictures we couldn't access from the safe mode (the only mode that worked).  Then we started putting things back into the newly loaded software.  The tech was truly a God-Send.  He was my perfect tech - and that's saying lots.  He walked me through everything and even waited while I took notes.  I only broke down and cried once.  I just had to keep reminding myself to breath and that the Universe is conspiring to help me if I would get out of the way.  So, I kept trusting and thanking my computer for the wonderful job it does for me.  The mostly end of the story is that it is now up and working.  It runs faster than ever before and there is such a greater sense of oneness with it for me.  It now feels like my computer instead of one someone else did and sent to me.  And, goodness, have I learned a lot about this computer - and maybe computers in general.  I'm no longer afraid to do things - just in case I pushed something I didn't really want.  And, I can now back up my computer - again thanks to my Dell tech.  This guy wears wings and is made of gold.  (Interestingly, he is part of the Dell Gold Tech Support team.)

    And so, now is my time for taking a wonderfully deep breath and knowing I can now handle more computer things than I had thought possible.