Merchant Services

Following are some of the general questions we are asked. Click on the question to view the answer.

What is accomplished in a private session?

2. Can private sessions be done over the phone?

3. Can I connect with loved ones who have crossed over?

4. Do you take personal checks?

5. Do you take credit cards?

6. What is your privacy policy regarding personal information?

1. Private sessions are 3 part. Your energy is balanced, aligned and expanded. Information from your Guides and Angels is passed on to you. Your questions about your life circumstances are answered. (Back to Questions)

2. Yes. Since energy and the Divine connection are unaffected by time and space, the verbal and energetic information can be done from anywhere to anywhere. (Back to Questions)

3. Yes. The Soul knows no limitations. Divine connections can be made with those in physical bodies and those no longer on the physical plane. (Back to Questions)

4. Yes. Phone checks can be taken for the amount of the service. (Back to Questions)

5. Yes. We accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover by telephone. (Back to Questions)

6. Your personal information and the services desired will be used only for the intended purpose. Information is kept strictly private and confidential and never disclosed to their parties. (Back to Questions)

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