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Create Your Own Reality-Straight From The Heart 

Joy Turner has written a book about nothing less than reality. She wants to talk to you about "the way you perceive it; the way you interpret it; the way you understand it; in fact, the very way you create it; and some tools you can use to re-interpret it, re-create it, more the way you would like it to be."

That sounds pretty good to all of us, certainly. In her newly released book, The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation (available for order through all major bookstores, and, Joy shows us that there are certain rules to creating happily in this world. As luck would have it, we all use these rules already. We only need to become aware of what they are.

Once we gain that awareness, we can learn to create from the Heart level, instead of from the heart of fear. Before we know it, we'll be living fully, consciously, and finding everything our hearts desire.

With a lifelong gift for spiritual counseling, Joy has had countless people share their stories with her and eased their pain. After realizing she had been blessed with a special gift, Joy began to offer this guidance to all Beings, "helping them become a larger expression of their Higher Self and live from their hearts."

The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation
                                    By Joy Turner

About the book:

There are definite rules to creating happily in this world. The good news is that we are all using these rules already. The other news is that most of the time we are unconscious of the rules or how to effectively use them because no one ever explained what they were. So we go about creating out world more or less "as the wind blows," at the mercy of prevalent ideas and "how most people" do it.

The really good news is that since we use all the rules all the time, it is a relatively simple process to change the results by becoming aware of the rules, how they apply, and how to effectively use them to bring to us everything our Hearts desire.

In this book, Joy explains the rules and shows how we "block" the creation from a Heart level and use fear instead. She provides simple exercises to help release those blocks and provides a frame of reference to create from a positive, Heart-centered perspective.

Light-hearted and very insightful, Living (Happily) in 3D will take you from where you are to wherever you desire to be.


(A practical, experiential course in understanding, realizing and integrating the spiritual principles upon which Consciousness and Manifestation rest.)

Learn simple practical every-day principles and tools that, when applied, will greatly enhance your journey through Earth School. Discover who and what really runs your life; learn how to control, direct and reprogram your state of mind and heart so that you can create the life you really desire on all levels of being.

Learn how the mind and emotions work to crate reality and how to harness their power and direct it. Find the habitual reactions that hold you back and how to reshape that energy. Learn the role the physical body plays in the intricate web of consciousness and communication and methods to re-direct all of its abilities.

This book is about Reality - The way you perceive it; the way you interpret it; the way you understand it; in fact, the very way you create it; and some tools you can use to re-interpret, re-create it, more in the way you would like it to be.

This will mean "risking" being different than "most." It will mean those little words - discipline and attention. However, it also means a world you live in that brings you joy and fulfillment.

If you like this concept, please read on.

We have organized the information first of all as a general overview; then by categories (for example, Human Mind, Emotional Body, Beliefs, Physical Body) in order to facilitate reading this book in a number of ways. You can read it from front cover to back cover in sequence of its printing. Or, you can choose a topic and investigate it further by reading that section or subsection. Or, you can read it any other way you feel drawn to do.

Remember, this is an experiential book. That means that the more you do the things suggested, the more you participate in the exercises, the more you are likely to get from this particular book. You may find that keeping a notebook or journal of the things you do in the techniques and exercises will come in handy to help you keep track of yourself as well as to help you see the progress you make as you look back and notice the things you used to do and the way you have changed.

The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation, Book I, Living (Happily) in 3D is available in paperback and ebook. 

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