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Joy Turner offers her clairvoyant, clairconscious abilities for working with humans on their Spiritual Self-Development as well as with animals. She teaches the principles of consciousness and   manifestation and helps align the personality with Soul levels, find out what's preventing life from being everything desired and teaches how to use Universal Energy for balance and healing.  She speaks with Spiritual Guides, Guardian Angels and Souls to help  provide guidance regarding anything a person might want to address.

Joy, as a spiritual medium, communes with The Source of All Things, and is loving and gentle in nature. This enables her to see things through a different perception - to communicate with all levels of life (seen and unseen) and to perceive the life force of energy from which everything is made. In her relaxed, easy way, she can help all species more greatly express the Divine Within in their own life and in interaction with others.                                      

"People have always come to me and told me what's troubling them. Some have told me their life's story. I 'somehow' always 'knew' the exact 'right' thing to say, or would put my hand on their arm or shoulder and they would walk away saying how much better they felt. Sometimes these encounters would take awhile. Sometimes even people in elevators would talk to me during the ride and thank me for helping them feel better. It was something I thought happened to everyone. Then, people I talked to about these occurrences kept telling me that it never happened to them or anybody they knew. They told me it was very unusual. That's when I started realizing that perhaps I had a 'gift' that people recognized at some level and came to me for help."

Joy lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her family Logan and Leanne (Golden Retrievers); Mercury and Venus (cats); and Ala, Dream Weaver, Diego and Tango (horses).

She offers Private Sessions for guidance from your Spiritual Guides and Soul and energy healing for humans and animals, Heartsong Energy Classes, seminars, and is the author of "The Spiritual Principles of Consciousness and Manifestation." "Book I, Living (Happily) in 3D" available in bookstores, and 1stBooks Library (

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