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Universal Light presents Joy Turner

Follow your Heart to greater Spiritual awareness

with Joy Turner

I can help you gain greater awareness of the spiritual rules governing reality; speak with your Spiritual Guides, Soul, and Angels to receive their help with anything going on in your life; and speak with those who have crossed over.

  Through our work you can learn:

  • The principles used to contribute to the creation of your everyday life
  • How to become a vibrational match to your Heart's desires
  • How to bring your Heart's Desires into your Life
  • The rules of Manifestation
  • What blocks more complete happiness and contentment
  • What energy is and how it works in your life
  • The things to do and to not do to bring greater joy
  • How you influence the world in general and what you can do to be an even more positive influence
  • What greatly influences your well-being and health
  • How to live from your Divine Heart
  • And much more

As an internationally known spiritual medium, I am devoted to helping people learn simple, easy ways to express more of their Higher Self in their everyday life.  By learning how to focus on your thoughts and feelings, you can come into greater alignment with all of your Heart's desires.  By aligning mental, emotional and physical levels of energy with your Soul level, you can express even more of your Divine qualities.  By being a more complete expression of your Soul, you can help yourself and others live a more peaceful and complete-feeling life.

I can explain how your thoughts and feelings direct your life.  By learning simple, easy steps of The Art of Becoming, you can be more clear in your creation of your life, influence yourself and others in more loving ways, and access wisdom and guidance from your Heart and Spiritual Guidance.

If you have ever wanted to be able to speak with your Spiritual Guides about things going on in your life to help you understand how and why things are happening and what to do to change them, I can assist you with speaking directly to them for their wisdom and input.

If you have loved ones, human or animal, who have passed on and would love to speak with them again, I can assist you with those conversations.

Come discover the Spiritual rules that govern your physical life and speak directly to your Spiritual Guidance and those who have crossed over.


I can speak with:

Your Soul
Your Spiritual Guides and Guardian Angels
Beings who have crossed over
Animals of all species

I channel Ascended Masters, Angels, Guides and Universal Consciousness.  We provide seminars on creating your reality in the quickest and easiest way following Universal Laws.

Logan, Joy, Leanne

Logan, Joy, Leanne

My book on animal communication, For The Love Of Animals, is now available as an e-book at  This is the book for you if you love animals!  Be sure to go to and get your copy.

Mercury, Joy, Venus

Mercury, Joy, Venus

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